Decoding Leadership – with my experience

Management schools teach you to read books and develop your own thought leadership, so I was also part of this regime while I attend one. I have been reading books on leadership and how leaders can become more effective, though they provide you with insights, theories and frameworks but I felt something was a miss. I started to self-reflect and went back to my corporate days and various different leaders I have worked with.
When I look back at my professional life ( i am not very old), I have had a chance to work with some very effective leaders who have helped me understand the importance of pushing oneself but at the same time self-awareness about our limits.Its all about defining your own definitions of leadership and what it means to you. Its all about how you can encourage and show confidence in your team’s abilities and inspire them to go over and above. They helped me understand that we need to unlock our potential and harness our “you”ness.
With my experiences working with various leaders seeking to improve their effectiveness and make their teams more successful, following leadership qualities are essential to build high performing team:
  • Listen Actively
  • Appreciate / Acknowledge
  • Delegate
  • Show Confidence
  • Positive Attitude
  • Seek Feedback
  • Coach and Build Strengths
  • Trustworthy and Open
  • Think Creatively
  • Ability to handle ambiguity
These have really worked well in some of the high performing teams, I have worked with and how leaders have played a vital role in the making it more effective.

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