Are you delegating yet???

y delegate

My boss once told me “If you are indispensable you can’t grow”. I also learnt I can delegate my authority but not my responsibility. Between these 2 lines is the story of delegation: why you need it and how should you do it.

Why you need it

Important Vs Urgent – A leader must invest his time in matters that matter the most. What is urgent may not be important and vice versa. Buried in the daily details he would never see the iceberg and the titanic shall sink.

A true leader is known by his team; delegating responsibility increases their confidence and improves their morale. The freedom to work and the chance to make their own mistakes builds trust between the team and the leader. But remember we still got jobs to do.

You empower your people to contribute and be a part of the effort. It helps you build new leaders in the team. In return you polish your managerial skills. Lot of people debate on Manager Vs Leader, who is better? But a leader who is not a good manager can not lead.

how to delegate

How should you do it-

Pick the right people – who are able to deliver and capable to grow

Define with clarity – What is the expectation, how to achieve the expected result and by when….. and be reasonable

Pre-defined and regular reviews – define when and how will you measure your expectations

Acknowledge and appreciate a job well done.

How you should NOT do it –

Delegate tasks which you should do yourself and people know about it.

No favoritism.

No blame games. You cannot delegate responsibility.

Do not handhold. We are delegating not making clones. Give freedom to your employee to choose his own the path to the destination defined.

Do not be insecure.

Do not take the credit.

“A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.” Arnold H. Glasow


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