Leaders as Coaches…how to inspire and influence?


Today’s learning organizations lay emphasis on effective leaders learning to coach their team..but why, why do leaders need to coach? Coaching not only helps leaders build relationships with their team but also help team realize their potential to deliver beyond. Coaching helps to build up and if leader can get it right, he becomes a person of great influence. It’s a massive responsibility and is essential to know how to coach.

Leader as a coach must:

…Inspire towards the Vision

Leader Coach must have the ability to inspire and encourage others towards the common goal. As a Leader Coach you must direct the team, must hand hold them towards the goal. If you are not passionate about the work you cannot coach anyone to perform or improve.

…Enhance skills

You are not just coaching to improve performance but also to develop their skills. Leader Coach must create an environment to evoke creativity and talent in people. Remember you are leading them so it’s important that you channelize team’s ideas.

…Excellent listening skills

You should listen without assuming, interrupting, advising or correcting. Set aside assumptions and do not presume. The more sharply attentive you are, the more keenly you will sense other person’s inner state. You must monitor your own body language to ensure that it telegraphs openness.

…Have a plan to lead

Leader Coach believes in creating change rather than managing change. What has worked in the past shall not hold good for the future. So you must coach to find new paths and plans to achieve results. You must anticipate and share the obstacles or changes that you foresee. Your personal experiences and learning helps the team to learn more.

..Have social intelligence

Leader Coach must build a rapport with the team. When people are in rapport, you can be more creative and more efficient in decision making. You must also be able to perceive situations from another perspective.  Anticipate questions, concerns and fears and address them openly and completely.

…Build a culture of trust and openness

Your people should not hesitate to object or disagree. You must have an open mind set to welcome a disagreement as an opportunity to explore new view points. People should not have the fear of being judged and you should not fear of being too vulnerable.

…Take feedback

Leader Coach should be open to receive feedback and know how effective your coaching is. Numbers are objective; you need a subjective point of view to enhance your effectiveness.


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