What and How of Action Learning Coaching


In today’s rapidly changing world, organisations are using Executive Coaching to increase efficiency, improve leadership skills among employees or address personal/organisational goals. Executive coaching focus on an individual, however as their skill as an executive improves, the entire organisation benefits. It expands self awareness and helps in renewal and growth of an individual.

But Action Learning Coaching takes it to the group level. Action Learning Coaching is a dynamic process of creative problem solving with diverse teams to develop leadership skills. The process has 5 essential components:-

  1. real business problem,
  2. team of 4-6,
  3. a process that encourages questioning and listening,
  4. a solution that can be implemented,
  5. an action learning coach.

Action Learning Coaching takes the power of coaching to the group level but is even more powerful because action learning teams only work on real problems requiring real solutions. The action learning coach helps build rapport among the team members, raising their self-awareness and taking the team to deeper level of learning.  The process focuses not only on ‘what’ has transpired; but it takes the team to understanding the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of their actions. Finally, by focusing the team on learning rather than just solving a problem the action learning coach takes the team to extraordinary levels of renewal and growth. The action learning process on the surface appears fairly simple, but in truth is extremely powerful. The objective of Action Learning Coaching is on learning and not the problem. Learning will provide the leverage for continuously improving team performance.

As a leader, become the synergizer, the glue that bonds your team members together as well as the yeast that enhances and expands their ability to learn and take vigorous actions. Contact us to get more details on the same. 


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