Leadership Redefined for Future: Power to Participation

World of work is changing, or rather world in general is changing. Smart machines, global connectivity, rapid technology developments are reshaping the way we think about work, what constitutes work or the skills we will need to be productive in future. As we move ahead in future, the challenge for leaders is not just the right people but also the right work for them. It’s our ability to adapt and innovate, our keenness to learn – that keeps us one step ahead and lead the way. The expectations from leaders are changing, so what skills do we need to develop as leaders to be successful in 2020?

There are many research available for the projected skills required for the workplace of future, more specifically, I suggest the below the 6 Leadership skills for the future – skills that makes us future ready.


1. Social Intelligence – Collaboration: An old friend of mine in one of the top hotels of the industry once told me, getting the first fresh lot of vegetables in the morning is a challenge that we must beat. How was he meeting this challenge? Through Collaboration. Be it business or a job, collaborating is the key to keep the edge in your career. When I say collaboration, I don’t mean adding people to your LinkedIn profile or collecting cards at an open forum.  Connect, learn how others are doing it and figure out how it can benefit your business.  Meeting and knowing someone from same industry but diverse thoughts can ignite new ideas. Go beyond association, reduce silos, and devote time to build interconnections of ideas.  Collaborations that saved a dying business, was started by networking.


2. Design Mindset – Start thinking like a designer: In today’s new age leadership solutions must generate value to the society as well as the customer’s life. As a leader, not only you should develop a design mindset, but create and protect a culture where people are free to think, open to ideas and excited to execute their ideas.

Read more about design mindset (Design Thinking – The New Innovation Strategy)

YourBrand_Banner3. Brand Yourself – Making your presence felt:  The next generation leadership is about how you use your influence to motivate, collaborate and manage others. Whether it’s Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, both have the ‘posture of composure’. They may be dressed in casuals (jeans n t-shirts) but they are a BRAND in themselves.

Find out how to make your presence felt: (Decoding Executive Presence – 7 ways to create the ‘WOW’ factor)


4. Entrepreneur mindset – Taking risk: It’s a risk which Ritesh Agarwal (Oyo room) took when he decided to adopt 3star hotel rooms and sell under his brand. He’s made an identity with travel aggregators like ‘Make My trip”. As a leader if you have the vision and a team to perform all you need is a gut to execute the idea.

develop leaders

5. Develop Leaders: Jim Collins also said and John Maxwell also agreed that leaders must create more leaders. If you don’t fill your space with someone else you stop your growth and the company’s growth. Future leaders are expected to hold their people accountable not only for delivering results but how they accomplish them.


6. Adaptive thinking:Leaders in the future must be adaptive to change. Let go off your previously held assumptions and move ahead with capability of managing yourself amidst unanticipated circumstances. Walk in the future with curiosity to learn and unlearn what has worked well in the past. Be curious to find new ‘dimensions’, be humble to learn, be calm when multitudes of events compete for your attention and be stubborn to challenge the ‘obvious’.

The new age or the future proofed leaders have the challenges of complexity, diversity and ambiguity; to beat these they must develop the above skills. These are a completely new combination of skills and qualities to equip them for the unforeseen and fast paced business climate.

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